360Converter provides Offline software and Online services. For Offline software, 360Converter Offline Transcriber, you need buy a license to activate it. For Online services, Conversion Point is needed to use them which is explained below.

For very short audio or video file, even YouTube video if the length of it is not beyond the limit, you transcribe them for free. For the limit of each service, visit the service to check.

Pricing for Online Services

Online services, in terms of pricing, are splitted into two categories. The one is Video to Text, Audio to Text and Speech to Text, the other one is YouTube Video to Text. The pricing depends on User Level, Service Level and Conversion Point.

Video to Text, Audio to Text, Speech to Text

All time described below is for audio/video file.

User LevelFile SizeStandardPremium
Guest20 MBFree 180 secondsNot Allowed
Normal Member50 MBFree 300 secondsNot Allowed
Premium MemberNo Limit15 seconds per conversion point 5 seconds per conversion point

YouTube Video to Text

All time described below is for YouTube video. YouTube video length indicates how long YouTube video can be allowed to analyse, which is different with the length that is allowed to transcribe. For example, as guest, maximum YouTube video length is 20 mintues, but only 180 seconds portion of it can be transcribed. If guest try to transcribe a YouTube video with 21 minutes, it won't proceed with a warning.

User LevelYouTube Video LengthStandardPremium
Guest20 MinutesFree 120 secondsNot Allowed
Normal Member30 MinutesFree 300 secondsNot Allowed
Premium MemberNo limit10 seconds per conversion point 3 seconds per conversion point

Pricing for Offline Transcriber

To learn license pricing and license type, check Offline Transcriber License. To get the license, buy License of 360Converter Offline Transcriber.

Conversion Point

You need conversion point to use 360Converter services, such as Video to Text, Audio to Text, Speech to Text and YouTube Video to Text.

Without conversion point, you can still use our service, but with limit,

  • only allow short segment of audio/video to be transcribed.
  • only allowed to use standard service, premium service not available.

To get your conversion point, Sign in first, then go to Top up page to top up your conversion point. From there, you can see price of conversion point.

Free Conversion Point

Once Sign up, you will get 4 conversion points as gift.

Service Level

  • Standard
  • Provides industry level accuracy of transcription service.

  • Premium
  • If you want higher accuracy of transcript, consider Premium service. Correspondingly you will pay more, see below Pricing part for details.

Standard is highly recommended, because for Standard service, you will get more value returned from money you spent. The price of Premium service is of 3 times of Standard service as shown below.

User Level

We have different user levels,

  • Guest
  • Any user use 360Converter service without logging in.

  • Normal User
  • The user who has signed up, but not buy any conversion point yet.

  • Premium User
  • The user who have bought conversion point.