360Converter Offline Transcriber

Easily transcribe local video, audio files, or YouTube videos without uploading or waiting in queues.

360Converter Offline Transcriber Interface
(Screenshot of Offline Transcriber in Windows - mouse over to zoom in)

Key Features


Multiple Sources

Support for local video, audio, and YouTube videos


Export Formats

Export as PDF, DOCX, TXT, and SRT files


Transcribe & Translation

Transcribe and translate to different languages


Proofread & Edit

Edit and refine transcripts with built-in tools


Batch Process

Transcribe multiple files in one go


Record & Transcribe

Record audio and transcribe it thereafter


Realtime Transcribing

Get your transcript or meeting notes in real-time.


Speaker Diarization

Identify and label different speakers in conversations

Supported Formats

Video Formats

mp4 asf avi wmv
ogv dat mpeg flv
3gp webm rm 3gpp
3g2 mov mkv

Audio Formats

mp3 wav wma pcm
oga aac avr m4a
m4b mka

Supported Languages

Transcribe audio/video in 34 languages, including:


To get full list of languages supported, download OfflineTranscriber and try. Or contact us to check if the language you preferred is in the list.

For Premium license users: Buy Language Package to add extra languages.

Professional license users can add any language for free.

For steps, refer to How to Add Extra Language for 360Converter Offline Transcriber.

Buy License

The initial version you installed is a trial version, which allows you to transcribe files up to 2 minutes in length. To remove this limitation, simply purchase a license for the 360Converter Offline Transcriber. Choose from our flexible licensing options:

  • Free Trial
  • Standard License
  • Premium License
  • Professional License
360Converter Offline Transcriber License

Each license includes a unique set of features. View full license details

Download and Install

Available for Windows 11, Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), and Mac OS X

How to Use

  1. Download and install 360Converter Offline Transcriber
  2. Open local audio/video file or paste YouTube URL
  3. Select transcription settings (language, start and end time, etc.)
  4. Click 'Transcribe' and wait for the process to complete
  5. Edit, proofread, and export your transcript

More details, read
How to Use 360Converter Offline Transcriber.

iOS App

iOS app is provided - O.L Transcriber, which helps you do realtime transcribing and transcribing audio/video file without internet connection. It empowers you to,

  • real-time transcribing
  • record audio first, later transcribe it
  • transcribe audio/video file in local library, iCloud and Camera roll
  • export or share transcript in txt or pdf format
It maximises your data privacy as it does NOT upload your audio/video to anywhere, while it transcribes them locally.

Try O.L Transcriber now.