360Converter Offline Transcriber

With 360Converter Offline Transcriber, you can easily transcribe local video, audio file or YouTube video, do not need upload your file to anywhere, do not need wait in long queue for your transcript and no file size limitation. Plus no time limitation if you buy a license.

360Converter Offline Transcriber (Screenshot of Offline Transcriber)


  • Sources
  • You can open following files and url,

    • Local Video
    • Local Audio
    • YouTube Video
    • Simply copy/paste YouTube video url.

    Video and Audio Format

    • Video Format
    • mp4 | asf | avi | wmv | ogv | dat | mpeg | flv | 3gp | webm | rm | 3gpp | 3g2 | mov

    • Audio Format
    • mp3 | wav | wma | pcm | oga | aac | avr | m4a | m4b

  • Record Audio
  • Use OfflineTranscriber to record audio then transcribe it. It is useful for meeting notes.

  • Realtime Transcribing
  • Get your transcript or meeting notes when speaker is speaking at same time.

  • Speaker Diarization
  • If audio/video is related to a conversion or talk, you want to transcribe and mark WHEN and WHO speaks WHAT, then Speaker Diarization will help you. You can,

    • give name for each speaker
    • show only one of speaker's words
    • hide a speaker's words
  • Translation
  • You can either transcribe audio/video to source language or English. For example, the language in audio/video is French, you can choose transcribing to French transcript or transcribing and translating to English.

  • Punctuation
  • Automatically adding punctuation to transcript.

  • Proofread
    • Listen audio/video file
    • Play word in sync mode
    • Modify, delete or add word
  • Free Edit
    • Edit transcript like what you usually do in Word
    • Export your version of transcript
    • Export as pdf, docx and txt file
  • Batch Process
    • Add batch of audio or video files, then transcribe them all.
    • It will also export transcript to preferred location and format.
    • View it once finished or delete it.
  • History Record
    • OfflineTranscriber will remember the latest ten transcribing records.
    • View, delete or export record anytime.
  • Search
    • Search in script
    • Iterate all matches
    • Highlight matches
  • Export
    • PDF file
    • DOCX file
    • TXT file
    • SRT file


You can transcribe audio/video that is of 34 languages, such as:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Vietnamese

To get full list of languages supported, download OfflineTranscriber and try. Or contact us to check if the language you preferred is in the list.

Operating System

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10( 64bit )
  • Windows 7( 64bit )
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux( Ubuntu )( coming soon )


You can download 360Converter Offline Transcriber completely free of charge. When initiating the download, please ensure that you select the appropriate version of your operating system. For Windows users, you will receive a compressed zip file, whereas macOS users will receive a DMG file for installation.

Download 360Converter Offline Transcriber for Free.


For Windows, Once you downloaded the installer, uncompress with WinRar, zip or 7z program. You will get a executable file, namely 360ConverterTranscriberSetup.exe. Double click to start. Simply all the way click next except for Windows VC runtime for which, click 'agree' and install.

For macOS, double click 360ConverterOfflineTranscriber.dmg then drop to Application folder to finish installation.

More details, read
How to Install 360Converter Offline Transcriber.

Buy License

Initially the version you installed is trial version in which you are allowed to transcribe 2 minutes file. To get ride of this limitation, just buy a License of 360Converter Offline Transcriber.

There are four type of licenses,

  • Free Trial
  • Standard License
  • Premium License
  • Professional License

Each license shipes unique group of features. Check 360Converter Offline Transcriber License Introduction more details.

Once payment is done, you will receive license code from 360Converter, like 360Converter Offline Transcriber License within 48 hours. If not, please contact our support.


Copy the license code you received, put cursor into the first box of 'Activation Dialog', then ctrl + v, it will automatically detects the license code you have copied and fill each filed of boxes in Windows; for macOS, put each field of the license code, then click 'Activate' button.

How to Use

To use the software, simply open local audio/video file, or YouTube video file by pasting a YouTube video URL. More details, read
How to Use 360Converter Offline Transcriber.

Add Extra Language

For initial setup, you are able to download one default language. However, you can add extra language. For standard license, this does not apply. For premium, you can Buy Language Package. For Professional license, you can add any language for free.

For steps, refer to How to Add Extra Language for 360Converter Offline Transcriber.


In the situation where 360Converter Offline Transcriber refuses to work, closes it suddenly or crashes, you could collect log file and send it to us by which we can tell what happened at your side. We could either solve the problem immediately, provide a work-around or plan to fix it and produce a patch if it is a bug. To retrieve the log file, read Prepare Log File.

To get support, or any question you want to ask, firstly visit section - 360Converter Offline Transcriber in FAQ page, if you could not find answer in above option, then file a support ticket via Feedback.

iOS App

iOS app is provided - O.L Transcriber, which helps you do realtime transcribing and transcribing audio/video file without internet connection. It empowers you to,

  • real-time transcribing
  • record audio first, later transcribe it
  • transcribe audio/video file in local library, iCloud and Camera roll
  • export or share transcript in txt or pdf format
It maximises your data privacy as it does NOT upload your audio/video to anywhere, while it transcribes them locally.

Try O.L Transcriber now.