How to Use 360Converter Offline Transcriber

With full version of 360Converter Offline Transcriber, its pretty straightforward to use it by simply opening file or specifying YouTube video URL to start. (If you are using trial version, there is a limitation. You need activate it to get ride of the limitation with a License Code)

Simply say, you can could use the software to transcribe, punctuate and proofread, then export transcript.


The source could be local file or YouTube video. Local file could be audio and video file. 360Converter Offline Transcriber supports wide range audio and video format.

  • Audio Format
  • mp3, wav, wma, aac, Apple audio book(.m4b) etc.

  • Audio Format
  • mp4, wmv, asf, mpeg, flash video, Quick time movie(.mov) etc.


As stated above, you can tracribe local file and YouTube video.

  • Local File
  • Just click 'Local File' button to choose a file from disk, then it will automatically start transcribing. As transcribing process going, the transcript will be shown in trasncript text which is in center of window.

  • YouTube Video
  • Click 'YouTube Video' button to launch window to put YouTube video URL, then it will analyze the video and transcribe it.


Transcribing process starts once you choose a local file or type YouTube url, followed by punctuation.

Punctuation by default will be automatically done after transcribing process is finished. If you don't like punctuation, you have two options,

  • Cancel it when you see a dialog showing 'punctuating'.
  • Uncheck 'Add Punctuation Automatically' from Toolbar.


If you'd like to change transcript, proofreading functionality is provided which could be triggered by clicking 'Start Proofread' button. After that, you will be in 'Proofreading Mode' in which you can click word you want correct. In prmopt window, type word you want it to be.

Once all changes made, click 'Finish Proofread' button to exit 'Proofreading Mode'. You will be asked to confirm changes, which will be reflected in exported file.


Transcript can be exported as plain text, Microsoft docx, Adobe PDF and Subtitle file. You can choose type of transcript to be exported, which are raw transcript, punctuated transcript and proofreaded transcript.

It is recommended to run the program in maximized mode though the program window can be resized to get best user experience.

Any activity the program does, it will be shown at bottom of window. For example, loading modal, transcribing, generating report etc. The local file you opened or YouTube video URL will be display right bottom.

Should there any problem you found, click menu 'Report Problem' to tell us.