360Converter Offline Transcriber Refund Policy

Before purchasing 360Converter Offline Transcriber license, we recommend you assess accuracy of transcript generated by the program using trial version.

Although Automatic Speech Recognition reaches pretty high level, that is, lower WER, still not as good as human.

If you request refund because of accuracy of transcript, you won't be issued a refund because trial version is provided and in terms of accuracy, licensed version and trial version are same.

You could request refund, if

  1. you cannot activate the program even after 360Converter send you another license
  2. the program keeps crashing
  3. the program unable to generate any transcript
  4. transcript generated is nothing to do with audio or video file
  5. the date when purchased the license is within 1 month

Since PayPal will charge processing fee, when issuing refund, the processing fee will be deducted.

Acceptance of this policy

You acknowledge that you have read this Policy and agree to all its terms and conditions. By accessing and using 360Converter OfflineTranscriber you agree to be bound by this Policy. If you do not agree to abide by the terms of this Policy, you are not authorized to buy license of 360Converter OfflineTranscriber.

Contacting us

If you would like to contact us to understand more about this Policy or wish to contact us concerning any matter relating to individual rights, you may do so via the contact form or send an email to webmaster@360converter.com.

This document was last updated on August 22, 2021