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Transcribe voice to text in real time. Get text when you speak. No account required for free usage.

Select Language You Speak

Choose correct language spoken. If wrong language specified, totally irrelevant transcript will be produced.

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If this checkbox is checked, we might retain your data file in future ASR training purpose, which is a process to improve accuracy of speech recognition. >>>

How to Transcribe Audio and Voice in Real Time

Specify language

Specify language you are going to speak. What if I chose wrong language? The anwser is, our engine still try to transcribe, but transcript will be totally irrelavant.

Click microphone icon to start

Once you specified language, click 'Continue'. Then click microphone icon in next page to start transcription in real time.

Get your transcript

Your transcript will be progressively displayed on screen when you are speaking. When you click 'Stop' button or reached time limit, you may either directly copy your transcript or download transcript in TXT, DOC, PDF format with/without timestamp. You may want to listen and check each word recognized by listening it online and show timestamp of each word by mouse over the word.

Offline Version

You may consider our offline version Offline Transcriber which benefits you upon facts that,

  • no time limitation. You are able to transcribe entire file( licensed version ).
  • no need uploading your file to anywhere.
  • no need wait in queue for your transcript.
  • proofread transcript.
  • search transcript.